Dump That Chump

End Toxic Relationship Patterns and Attract Your Ideal Partner

Are you sick and tired of being in dead-end relationships?

Do you want to end your pain and suffering?

Are you ready to attract your ideal partner once and for all?

Woman frustrated with her partner

Many of us know that there’s nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t give you what you need and deserve. When you’re in this situation, you feel misunderstood, unappreciated, and sometimes, even used. Perhaps you know that you aren’t getting what you want in the relationship and that you’re not with the right person, but you don’t know how to do it differently.

If you did know how, you wouldn’t be where you are right now.

You know in your heart that there must be more to relationships than suffering and pain, but you don’t know how to end the cycle and create something better.

Perhaps you have tried therapy, reading other books, talking with friends, and still are not where you want to be in relationships… how frustrating!

Imagine what it would be like to experience the following:

  • Finding someone you totally “click” with who loves and appreciates you exactly as you are
  • Enjoying incredible sharing, mutual support, and deep intimacy
  • Having the most fun you’ve ever had; being able to play with abandon
  • Having complete trust in one another, knowing that your partner is always there for you
  • Healing the wounds from your past in a loving and supportive relationship

Couple in love

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have all of this and much more!

Dump That Chump

You can achieve all of the above and Dump That Chump can help you do it! Relationships don’t have to be painful. You can, and you will, find your ideal partner once and for all by reading this book and following the ten steps outlined to put an end to the ‘bad relationship cycle’ and attract the fabulous partner you deserve.

With these straightforward ten steps, you will learn to break things down into manageable parts and tackle only what you’re willing and able to do in your own time, and at your own pace. Unlike many other methods of finding your ideal mate that are out there, the approach in Dump That Chump doesn’t pretend to be simple and fast. It also doesn’t pretend to be easy- ending toxic relationship patterns that have existed for a very long time don’t just disappear overnight. The same goes for radically changing your thinking patterns by turning negatives into positives and retraining your brain!

One must work at the process in a slow and steady manner to change deeply-ingrained behaviour patterns into healthier, more fulfilling ones. However, it DOES WORK- but you have to put in the elbow grease to reap the fabulous rewards. Even so, it is worth it all… just imagine being curled up on the couch beside your ideal mate feeling more love than you ever thought was possible and enjoying the pure bliss that comes from finding the right partner…

Dump That Chump
A Ten-Step Plan for Ending Bad Relationships and Attracting the Fabulous Partner You Deserve

Dump That Chump is a book written as a 10-step plan to teach you, the reader, how to not end up in a bad relationship but also how to attract a positive one through your own presentation of a much more positive you!

This is a well written and easy to follow guide for all women that struggle to find that perfect match for a lifetime relationship. The information you will gain from this book will help strengthen your understanding in how very important positive self-talk is. Positive self-talk will strengthen your ability to not repeat wrong decisions in regards to relationship choices.

Dump That Chump will also show you how that phrase, “settling”, is not and should not be acceptable to you. You will learn that settling for someone or something eventually drowns your own ideas of what you deserve in life as far as a partner is concerned. People choose to settle because it is safer, more predictable, easier to control and a lot less challenging than actually striving for more.

The author uses this very powerful phrase to help you look at the core of your bad decisions, “What You Expect Is What You Get”. If you expect nothing then you will get nothing. It is a fairly simple thought when you actually stop and think about it. The information in this book will also teach you how to retrain your mind so that you can get to know yourself through positive self-acceptance. To know and understand who you are is a definite key in helping you to make the correct choice in relationships. Lets face it, no one wants to be stuck in a bad relationship.

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends, Dump That Chump as a very good source book in opening your eyes to the many reasons that we end up in failed relationships!

 – Dorothy Lafrinere, Founder of www.WomensSelfesteem.com

As a psychotherapist with over a decade of hands-on experience supporting and empowering women to become all that they dream of being, I have helped countless women to radically shift their thinking about relationships, ditch the bad ones forever, and find their ideal mate.

Not only that, but I have followed these exact same ten steps with amazing results. I broke the cycle of unfulfilling relationships and found the man of my dreams over eight years ago and am enjoying a blissful and rewarding marriage as a result.

Like many of us, I was raised in a family with few role models of healthy relationships to emulate when I grew up. As a result, I became involved in one miserable, unhealthy relationship after the next until I reached a breaking point.

In my mid-20s, I decided that I’d rather be single and a bit lonely than be in one more toxic relationship. I spent the next five years working really hard to create a space for a supportive, loving, and satisfying relationship with someone who was perfect for me. The result?

I found the man of my dreams and I’ve been delighting in a wonderful and fulfilling marriage for over five years. And it keeps getting better every day! It’s been an incredible experience to have met someone who I truly click with on so many different levels. I never dreamed that a relationship could be so exciting and rewarding.

Don’t you deserve the same?

Dump That Chump is an outstanding resource for women who are keen to take a good hard look at why they are staying in less than ideal relationships with less than ideal partners. DTC offers excellent suggestions and insights on how to ask yourself the tough questions about why you’re not with a person who truly is your best possible mate… because believe it or not, that person does exist. Based on her own extensive personal and professional experience, Esther offers practical tools that not only got me reflecting on past and present decisions in relationships, but also gave me hope for a positive future…enough so that I made my checklist for an ideal mate!

 – Maryanne Pope; Writer, CEO of Pink Gazelle Productions Inc.

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Here is an overview of the Ten Steps outlined in the book and what you can expect to gain from working through each one:

Step One: Make a commitment to yourself

In this first step, you will take concrete action towards treating yourself the way you want a fabulous partner to treat you someday. When you learn to adore yourself, you will be able to begin attracting a partner who treats you like the fabulous person that you are!

Step Two: Do some family-of-origin work

Here, you will have the opportunity to explore in-depth, the influences from your family that have shaped your beliefs and experiences in intimate relationships. This awareness will allow you to become ‘unstuck’ and to create healthier beliefs and experiences in relationships.

Step Three: Re-examine your beliefs and value systems

This step will help you explore influences from your ethnicity, culture, and/or religion that have shaped your beliefs and experiences in intimate relationships. Just like in Step Two, by working through the third step, you will gain new awareness that will allow you to become ‘unstuck’ and to create healthier beliefs and experiences in relationships.

Step Four: Change your “self-talk”

I will show you how to identify your false beliefs and to replace them with positive and affirming ones that will raise your self-esteem and help you attract the kind of partner you want and deserve.

Step Five: Figure out who you are and what your needs are

This step gives you tools to really get in touch with who you are as a person and what you are looking for in a mate. We often miss this step when we enter into relationships, leading to a lot of pain and suffering.

Step Six: Start becoming the kind of person you want to attract

In this step, you will start to let go of “playing small” when you present yourself to potential partners. Instead, you will learn to “put your best foot forward” when you meet people who meet your ‘ideal partner’ criteria.

Step Seven: Create a strong image of your ideal partner

Here I will help you tap into the incredible power of the mind to create what you want and assist you in being able to picture your ideal partner before you ever meet them. You’ll be amazed and yet happily ready when your partner shows up!

Step Eight: Study people who meet the criteria of your ideal partner

In this step, you get to be an observer and get to know — and get used to — the kind of person you are one day going to attract. If you’ve not had much experience with a different kind of person (i.e., a healthy one!), this will give you the crash course you need.

Step Nine: Become friends with people who meet your criteria

This step moves you from ‘observer’ to ‘active participant’ and will give you the opportunity to get to know different kinds of potential partners. With practice, this will become a very rewarding and positive experience. This will prepare you for meeting your ideal partner!

Step Ten: Date until you find your ideal partner

Finally, you’ll have a chance to take everything you’ve learned in this book and “take your show on the road”! I will arm you with many helpful tools and tips to ensure that your dates are a success and will lead to the amazing, long-term rewarding relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

This easy-to-read, and engaging book is bound to help many women who are either currently with the wrong partner, or for those who are still searching for their soulmate. I love the workbook style, as it helped me to integrate what I learned from the book and apply it to my own situation. I wish I’d had access to Dump That Chump years ago, as I could have avoided a lot of needless suffering. Esther, thanks for sharing your wisdom and for helping me to tune into my inner feelings and follow what they have to tell me. It’s great to have learned to trust my intuition and to know it’s okay to follow it.

– G.C.

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Still not convinced this book is for you?

Maybe you’re feeling so hopeless about your ‘picking the wrong person’ habit that you think this book wouldn’t work for you…

I totally understand that as I was in the same place a while back and felt that based on my track record of picking the wrong guys, I would never be able to change the way I “did” relationships and pick a healthy partner.

However, I was so sick and tired of being miserable in relationships that I was willing to believe that I had the power to change my patterns by learning new skills for attracting healthy people into my life.

I’m so glad I gave myself a chance and worked so hard to figure out how to stop moving towards toxic relationships and to become ready to meet the partner of my dreams because after five years of seriously hard work (all techniques I learned are outlined in this book), I met and married the man of my dreams!

Eight years since meeting him, I am reminded daily of just how much my hard work paid off! I have truly met my equal who is my best friend, lover, and a key support person in my life. I can’t imagine my life without this amazing, kind, loving, gentle, funny, and intelligent man. Of all of the successes I’ve achieved in my life, I count finding my husband among the top three. And it just gets better each and every day…

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Still not convinced?

Maybe after reading about my experience, you’re saying to yourself, “Well good for her. She was just lucky. The chances of that happening to me are very small…”

I beg to differ. I’m not the only one who followed the 10 steps in Dump That Chump who has met the person of their dreams. Over the years, countless women I have worked with in therapy have also let go of toxic relationships and found their ideal partners by following these exact same steps. And believe me, many of these women had good reason to believe that it couldn’t be done! But with my support and guidance, they were able to move past their false beliefs about what is possible in relationships and what they deserve, ditch the bad ones, and find partners that they always dreamed of!

Candid, savvy, disarmingly funny, Esther Kane has gifted us with a practical guide to finding love that lasts. Her stories and exercises improve readers’ self-awareness and dating patterns; Esther is living proof that her methods work and so am I.

 – Karen Roe

When it comes to relationships, most of us have had seriously bad training. We were taught the wrong things about how relationships should be, how to meet the right partner, and what we deserve. The way to undo that learning is to replace it with something else that WORKS.

After going through the rigours of studying to become a psychotherapist and learning how to help people let go of the past and create a much better future; as well as personally overcoming my bad relationship training and creating an approach to attracting healthy relationships and teaching it successfully to a multitude of other women, the value of what I have learned and will share with you is priceless.

Esther, I really appreciate the fact that you took the position of “I’ve been there”; it made the information presented very down-to-earth and applicable to my life. And unlike so many other self-help books I’ve read and worked with, the exercises in yours are unique and fun; things that I actually wanted to try out and play with. The humour in Dump That Chump had me laughing out loud and made the whole ‘self-help’ concept so much fun! I had so many “aha” moments while reading the book; I can’t count them — the one that really stands out for me is that I should try looking for someone like me — I used to go by the “opposites attract” theory when choosing partners and it left me feeling frustrated and miserable every time. Now I see that it’s possible to have the kind of relationship that would truly make me happy. Thanks!

– Sue Pyper

This fun and easy-to-read book that will change the way you view relationships forever is priced at a ridiculously low $19.95 CDN! That’s even cheaper than a really bad first date!

What have you got to lose besides that excess weight you’ve been hauling around, otherwise known as ‘that chump’ of yours? That’s got to be worth at least eighteen bucks, wouldn’t you agree?

Buy Dump That Chump Now!

Remember, you don’t have to settle for miserable relationships. You can have the partner of your dreams. Invest in your love life today by purchasing this book and following the Ten Steps and start enjoying the greatest relationships you’ve ever had! The choice is yours: to continue the suffering or to be happy and fulfilled.

P.S. This book makes a great gift for someone you care about who is ready to have the relationship they have always dreamed of but have never been able to attract.

P.P.S You won’t be sorry!