Do you struggle with your relationship to food and how your body looks?

Woman struggling with food decisions

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Constant dieting and never being able to maintain weight loss
  • Not liking what you see when you look in the mirror, no matter what size you are
  • Regular bouts of: overeating, under eating, bingeing, purging (i.e., self-induced vomiting or excessive use of laxatives)
  • Obsessive exercising
  • Difficulty concentrating on most aspects of your life due to constant thoughts about food, calories, and/or how you look or how much you weigh

If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, you could probably use some help.

You can feel good about your body and stop obsessing over food!

Whether you are overweight, underweight, or even at your ideal size, but suffer with a problematic relationship to food and your body, you can end your suffering once and for all. You can learn to have a healthy and balanced approach to food, weight, and how your body looks!

Through my book, audio-program and/or workshops, you can learn to:

  • Understand and resolve the root causes of your problematic relationship to food and body image that keep you stuck
  • Stop dieting forever and instead, adopt a sane, balanced approach to food and eating
  • Learn how to fall in love with regular exercise that doesn’t feel like a chore, but a celebration of being fully alive and in your body
  • Come to accept and love yourself exactly as you are; no matter what shape or size you happen to be
  • Let go of food and weight preoccupation forever so that you can focus your energies on the exciting and fulfilling things you want to do instead

My mind/body/spirit approach can help you transform your relationship with food and your body forever.

I have worked with countless women over the years and assisted them in outsmarting disordered eating for life. I have a special gift in this area having been through it myself. Along with my extensive counselling training and work experience, I have come to know what works and what doesn’t. I have helped many women do exactly this for over a decade. As well, I survived a deadly battle with anorexia and bulimia in my teens and early 20s and have lived to tell the story. My 15+ years of full recovery is a testament to the fact that disordered eating recovery is possible and that one can lead a brilliant, juicy, and fabulous life after healing. If I could do it, you can too!

Whether you struggle with compulsive overeating, under-eating, or binge eating I can help. Here’s how:

  1. In-person or telephone counselling. Book an appointment.
  2. Get the book, It’s Not About The Food.
  3. Order the audio program, Making Peace With Food and Our Bodies.